Jodie Kelly reveals how she discovered she had narcolepsy and calls for more support for sufferers in Ireland

A Dublin woman has spoken about living with narcolepsy, a condition that you can’t see but it has a great effect on a person’s life, and how it is treated in Ireland.

Jodie Kelly was 13 years old when she was diagnosed with it, but doctors took a while to diagnose her as she was told it was hormonal and she was ‘becoming a teenager’.

The 23-year-old has gotten used to it, but does have to adjust her life around narcolepsy.

Jodie doesn’t think there’s enough support in Ireland for people with narcolepsy, but the same can be said for many medical conditions in this country.

One of the biggest struggles Jodie faces when it comes to her narcolepsy, people not understanding her condition.

She said: ‘I’m used to it but I can’t do what you can. I’m by no means complaining, I know people have it a lot worse in their lives and I’m grateful that I have a supportive family and friends, but obviously they don’t always understand.

‘I’m used to it now so it is my normal. I do get upset about it sometimes and frustrated and mad but I’m lucky I just finished college which was very intense and had to write a 20,0000 words dissertation which was tough but in the end I got it done, got my results and am in a job I wanted.

‘So while it’s not easy, it’s easier than a lot of people’s lives.’

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‘Having narcolepsy is not just about sleeping all the time but your body not knowing when to sleep or be awake.’
— Jodie Kelly