About Narcolepsy Ireland

Narcolepsy Ireland was established in 2016. Our aim is to support those with Narcolepsy in Ireland by raising awareness about the condition. We hope that this will result in a better understanding of the illness; creating more favourable work prospects and better scholastic assistance for current and future Irish people with Narcolepsy. We also endeavour to bring the Narcolepsy community in Ireland closer together by organising fundraisers, meet-ups and events. Social isolation is a huge factor for people living with Narcolepsy, and we hope that by organising these events we can help Irish people with Narcolepsy feel less alone.

Narcolepsy Ireland is a voluntary organisation, which was set up to help and support people in Ireland with Narcolepsy (and Irish People with Narcolepsy all over the world). It provides a source of information and support to their loved ones, carers, employers and friends. We hope that information regarding the condition will be more readily available thanks to this site, and we will always endeavour to update here regularly with the newest research and news from the Narcolepsy community.

As narcolepsy and cataplexy are rare, there is often a lack of awareness of these life-long conditions. We hope that the information provided on this website will give people a better understanding of the condition and provide insights into the lives of people with narcolepsy. If you suspect you might have narcolepsy, we hope that the information on this website will be useful to you. We will endeavour to make public the latest news and research being carried out around the world.

For the Narcolepsy Community

It is estimated that 1 in 2000 people have narcolepsy with cataplexy (narcolepsy type 1). This website is for you, to find out more about Narcolepsy and to gain an understanding of the range of symptoms associated with it. The main objective of Narcolepsy Ireland is to work on behalf of, and meet the needs of, persons in Ireland with narcolepsy, their families, loved ones and carers, free of any charge. We achieve this though raising public awareness and understanding about narcolepsy by means that include developing and maintaining the Narcolepsy Ireland website and other social media to make relevant information available to all.

Improving the lives of individuals living with Narcolepsy and their families through advocacy, education and support. Advancing research into causes and treatments through shared knowledge, experiences and inclusive community events. Increasing understanding and awareness of this life-long condition to improve daily lives and future prospects for people with Narcolepsy and their families.