Carers GP Visit Card

Allows the carer to visit a participating family doctor (General Practitioner) for free.

  •  This does not apply if you already hold or are eligible for a medical card.

  • If you  have been, or intend to be, living in Ireland for at least one year and if you get Carer’s Benefit or Carer’s Allowance, at full or half-rate, you are eligible for a GP visit card

  • The Carer’s GP visit card is for the Carer, not for the person being cared for. The person being cared for may qualify for a GP visit card or a full medical card, but that is a separate issue. For instance, a child who is granted Domiciliary Care Allowance will  automatically qualify for a full medical card without a means test.

  • The Carer’s GP visit card is NOT means tested.

  •   A GP visit card:

    ○    Allows you to visit a participating family doctor (GP) for free.

    ○    It does not cover hospital charges.

    ○    Prescribed drugs are not free but may be partially or fully covered by the Drugs Payment Scheme.

    ○    The GP visit card does cover visits to GP out of hours services.

    ○    Blood tests to diagnose or monitor a condition are covered.

  • All children under the age of 6 can get a GP visit card.

  • The GP visit card is available to everyone aged over 70 without a means test.

  • For full details on rules re GP Visit Card link to  Citizens Information or the HSE