1. The undertaking that we in Narcolepsy Ireland  give is to make every attempt to improve the quality of life for all sufferers of narcolepsy and for their friends, spouses and loved ones. We attempt to do this in various ways that are outlined elsewhere on this website. BUT PLEASE NOTE that we are NOT doctors or medical professionals and that the advice and experiences that you will read on this site should NEVER be substituted for medical advice which each individual should seek exclusively from their own  doctor or other fully qualified, registered medical physician.

  2. Narcolepsy Ireland draws its information from, and believes solely in, mainstream scientific medical knowledge and peer reviewed research. We strive to ensure that the information that is available on this website adheres to that standard in all instances. (See note 3 below for one exception to this rule). Should any of our readers feel that in some instances we have not adhered to those standards we would be deeply grateful if you would alert us to any such instance, with your comments and suggestions, by contacting us at:

  3. BLOGS.
    Blogs, by their very definition, are contributions from readers who are almost exclusively sufferers from narcolepsy. In their  BLOG they will typically share with you and the PWN community their individual experiences, their feelings, hopes and fears and more. The thoughts and experiences of PWN in relation to how they have been, and continue to be, affected by narcolepsy and about what strategies they have adopted to best cope with narcolepsy,  form an extremely valuable pool of anecdotal knowledge that all PWN can draw from. But as the PWN knows so well, narcolepsy is a disease which can affect each sufferer  in subtly, sometimes markedly, different ways.  For example, it is the wide experience of PWN that  a specific medication that works well for one PWN will not work at all for another; it is also common experience that a coping strategy that works well for one PWN, whether it be, for example, diet or exercise regime or nap regime, may not work at all for another PWN. So our policy in BLOGS is to moderate them for acceptability prior to publishing, but not to edit their content in any way. Consequently the person writing the BLOG may offer opinions and advice that is not subject to our standard as stated in 2> above. BLOGs should be read as the personal experience of the PWN who has been generous enough to share their story and advice with us all.