I’m Existing not Living

(Transcribed from an article that appeared in the Irish Independent on April 15, 2014) As a result, the mother of two spends much of her day napping, [...]

Creativity and Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy offers us a unique window into what might be considered an abundance or even excess of dreaming. People with narcolepsy possess a kind of free, [...]

Understanding Narcolepsy

  The below excerpt from an article written by Psychologist John Cline Ph.D. for "Psychology Today" describes the disease particularly well. This [...]

I can’t control my sleep

nightmares-narcolepsy-sleep disturbances
A person with narcolepsy has many challenges to face on a daily basis. Some of the symptoms are truly bizarre, apart from the daily sleepiness and 'brain fog' [...]